Our Chocolate

We believe that chocolate should be a healthy addition to a healthy lifestyle. Using only a small handful of ingredients, we've created the cleanest, best tasting, dark chocolate butter cups around. We offer the most unique line of dark chocolate butter cups in the world.

We use an extremely high quality, Fair Trade certified 63% dark chocolate. Combining the right amount of deep chocolate notes for the dark lovers, and the perfect hint of fruitiness for those with a sweet tooth, Vör appeals to all tastes. 

Our nut butters are all made in our certified production facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania. We purchase the highest grades of nuts available on the market to ensure quality and consistency. By using local and all natural honey in our incredible nut and seed butter fillings, we're able to skip the use of nasty artificial sweeteners and preservatives found in most modern chocolates.

Gluten Free | Soy Free | Peanut Free | Fair Trade Chocolate