Vor Aquafaba Powder 4oz

Vor Aquafaba Powder 4oz


Key Highlights

  • Equivalent to about 42 eggs, or 64 egg whites in most recipes.

  • Stores up to 2 years

  • Ingredients: Non-gmo chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

  • Makes 8 cups worth of reconstituted aquafaba liquid (1 TBSP of powder per 1 cup of water)

Aquafaba powder is the dried version of the liquid remaining from cooking chickpeas. This liquid absorbs proteins and starches from the chickpeas which give it properties very similar to egg whites. Used for baking, meringues, whipping into soft and hard peaks, mousses, fudges, nougats, ice cream, vegan dairy products, icings, marshmallows, mayonnaise, and many more possibilities!

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